What makes a Great Sauna Great?

For starters, its the wood. Our Saunas use the highest quality wood available for their Saunas. The entire Sauna, inside and out, is constructed from Nordic White Spruce, imported directly from Finland. Why Nordic Spruce? Some woods like cedar have a higher level of tanic acid. Tanic acid is responsible for the wood's heat retention, (how hot the wood gets to the touch) and its level of discoloration over time. Nordic Spruce has almost NO tanic acid, which means that it stays COOL to the touch, even when in a HOT sauna. This also means that it won't discolor like other woods, ensuring that your Sauna stays beautiful for as long as you own it.

Second, its in the construction and presentation. Our Saunas come in multiple sections with mounting brackets, ensuring that your Sauna is rigid and sturdy. The sauna lays on a track and connects above using flat brackets. Our saunas are very well constructed, and their fitment is great! They are packaged well.