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This 240 volt sauna will heat to about 190 degrees and needs only a short preheat time. It's been on display for only about 2 weeks or so and comes with the full factory warranty. You can see the factory website here

Finnleo's Passport Series has quickly become known as one of the best values in traditional saunas. Several unique features make it one of the easiest saunas to own -- easy to assemble with hook & pin simplicity, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas.

Finnleo's goal was to create a line of traditional Finnish sauna with ease-of-ownership features similar to our Infrared Sauna line. The Passport Series has, remarkably, achieved those goals. All Passport Saunas include the following features

  • Clear Canadian Hemlock interior and exterior
  • Exterior finished with biodegradable wood treatment for luxurious look and for ease in maintenance
  • Stereo/CD sound system
  • Ceiling Overhang with integral puck lighting
  • Interior low voltage lighting & color therapy lighting
  • Digital electronic controls with timer and future on timer feature
  • Built-in floor with vinyl surface
  • Simple hook & pin panel design; easily installs in less than an hour
  • German made sauna thermometer
  • Sauna bucket with ladle
  • Stainless steel heater
  • Imported periodite sauna stones
  • safety wood heater guard

Leisure Concepts has been selling Finnleo saunas for over 30 years. You can trust that you will get a great product, great service and all at a great price. You will sweat out several pounds of water that is laced with toxins, allergens, ammonias, and boost your immune system big time. This equipment is designed by Finnleo engineers, based in Hanko Finland and they also have a US branch right in Cokato MN so service on anything is available fast.

This is a true Finnish sauna is designed to use water on those hot sauna rocks too for that great blast of moist soothing heat. You can't get that with an infrared. This sauna will heat to about 191 degrees for a true sauna experience. This is not a toy sauna but an actual high quality piece of equipment that will last for decades.

Stay healthy with regular sauna use. Remove toxins, allergens, ammonias, lower your blood pressure and your stress. It's great for relaxing tense muscles and just general relaxation.

Here is the correct way to use a sauna.

Most people have never used a sauna the correct way. Instead they go in for a few minutes, get hot, and get out. Only after using a sauna correctly will you ever really know how great they make you look and feel.

Take a shower with soap and water and enter the sauna wet wearing at most a soft towel. The temperature should be 170º to 190º. Add water to the rocks as often as you like to help stimulate your pores. The feel and smell of a small amount of Birch or Pine oil added to the water as it hits the rocks is very therapeutic.

Relax and stay in the sauna until you begin to feel uncomfortable, usually 10 to 15 minutes. Leave the sauna and rinse off in the shower. A final rinse in a cool or cold shower will close your pours and add to their stimulation. Sit and relax outside the sauna for the same period of time that you were in the sauna. Sip a little water or fruit juice.

Return to the sauna and repeat this process two or three more times. The first two times in, your pores are stimulated and begin to open up forcing clogging dirt out of your pores. When you're in the sauna for the third and forth time, your pores are clear. They open very quickly and you begin to sweat out body toxins, allergens and ammonias.

Washing your skin pushes some of the dirt deeper into your pores, but cleansing your body in a sauna is actually cleaning it from the inside out, and is the most effective way of eliminating toxins, allergens, ammonias and other poisons that can make you feel bad and increase your chances of getting sick.

When you leave the sauna for the last time, rinse off under a cool shower to close your totally clean and clear pores. You will notice that your skin will be pink and tingle for a while until you cool down. You will feel and look great, and you'll sleep like a baby at night too.