Leisure Concepts PRO model Installation Guide

     Whirlpool and air tubs can be installed by many different methods. Below is the installation procedure recommended by the manufacturer of the LC-Pro model lineup. Please consult your contractor for other possible installation methods, and please be sure to check all local building codes before proceeding. For electrical requirements for each equipment package, please visit this page and scroll down to your respective equipment package.

Frame Tub Deck/Pedistal using 2x4 lumber

     A leveled frame should be constructed using 2x4 lumber. The rough opening should be approximately one inch smaller on all sides than the dimensions of the tub. This will allow the tub to drop into the frame properly without obstruction.

Install Tub into Framed Deck

     At this point, the tub should be dropped in and allowed to hang (temporarily) from the framing. Please refer to your spec sheet for proper deck height, and add enough height for installation of drain plumbing, and to shim tub properly.

Build Access Panel

     Most building codes require an access door no smaller than 16" x 16" in order to access the whirlpool motor. Non-whirlpools do not require an access door. (Please check local building codes for your local requirements) It is often easier to locate the access door through an adjacent room such as a garage, spare bedroom, or toilet room; this will avoid having to create an access door through your tiled deck. The door should be close enough to the pump to allow easy removal.

Electrical Plug In

     All whirlpool models require a 20 amp GFCI circuit to supply power to the whirlpool pump and light (if installed). A standard electrical plug-in should be located within 24 inches of the motor location. Some models with additional equipment may require additional electrical requirements. Please contact a sales representative for more information.


     After the drain and faucets are connected, the final step is to support under the base of the tub so that the bearing weight is transferred to the floor or slab and not the framed deck and tile. Shim using pressure treated or cedar shims. No weight should lie on the lip of the tub at this point. If weight is placed on the lip, grout cracking and/or shell warping may occur when the tub is filled. The manufacturer does not recommend a concrete base because the shrinkage that occurs during drying can leave a gap that allows the bath to settle when filled. Foam is not an alternative for support either.