Vita Spa L700 Series Chateau Hot Tub

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Manufacturer: VitaSpa

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  • Size: 83" x 83" x 38"
  • Seating:5-6 person
  • Weight Dry/Wet: 963/3505 lbs
  • Gallons: 308
  • Pumps: 2 Total
    • 2 speed 3.0Hp/5.9bHp
    • 240v

  • Jets: 45

Standard Features

Vital Energy
Appliance Grade: Steel Frame System

     40% lighter, yet 250% stronger than traditional wood frame spas! Our new steel frame is weatherproof, corrosion free, and is backed with a LIFETIME structural warranty! Typical wood frame spas are exposed to the weather, including excessive moisture in winter. These wood frame spas can rot and lead to skirt panels falling off, the structural integrity of the spa being compromised, or worse. With a VitaSpa L500 or L700 model, you never have to worry about any of these things happening, because your spa is built with a state of the art steel frame and guaranteed for life.

Vital Energy
Vital Energy: Insulation/Heat Retention System

     VitaSpa hot tubs now use the revolutionary BlueMAAX thermal-pane insulated panels. Made from a recycled natural fiber, treated to prevent mold and mildew, and a fire-retardant; the BlueMAAX thermal pane insulation system lines the outside walls of the tub, and provides substantially better insulation than conventional full foam insulated spas. Instead of using urethane foam, Vitaspa uses no foam on the shell, and these highly reflective insulating panels on the outside, which encourages waste heat to re-enter the spa shell! Not only is this the most energy efficient system on the market, it makes service access a breeze! Never dig through foam insulation again!

H.E.E.T. System
High Efficiency Energy Transfer

     Your L700 series VitaSpa comes equipped with a 1/8hp circulation pump that runs pretty much 24/7, providing ultra clean water. But it also provides heat to the water thanks to our H.E.E.T. system heat Stick. Once the water leaves the circulation pump, it is forced through a maze of baffles that creates heat through water friction, and best of all, its totally free! As long as your circulation pump is running, you are adding heat to the water, thereby reducing the amount of time that your heater needs to run, and dramatically decreasing your energy bills!

L700 Jets
Exclusive Spa Jets (left to right)
  • Ultra Blaster: 14 mini jets in one provide amazing pressure and tension ease. The ultimate Jet!
  • Turbo Whirlpool: These move up to 140 gallons per minute!!! Most often found in foot-wells and the Colorado River Seats
  • Twin-Spin Pulsator: A rotating, pusating jet
  • Select-A-Swirl: Adjustable from stationary to full swirl
  • Tension Ease: An adjustable, mini swirl jet, often in large groups
  • Cluster Jet: Always placed in groups, these mini jets produce HIGH pressure

Excel Plus skirt
Excel-Plus Maintenance Free Cabinets

     All VitaSpa models come standard with the 100% maintenance free Excel-Plus cabinet material. Designed to look like wood, without the hassle of weathering and maintenance, Excel-Plus skirts are the ideal hot tub skirting material. All spas are available in 3 standard skirt colors; Teak, Gray, and Mahogany, plus optional rock skirts.