Brush: Long Handled

Our Price: $18.00

Product Features

  • African Abachi wood construction
  • Strong, natural bristles!
  • Removable handle and hand strap
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     This sauna brush has all natural bristles and is removable from the long handle. To get maximum benefits from your sauna, scrub your skin with this nice medium soft brush to stimulate your pours. You will sweat in places you didn't know you had sweat glands and it just feels great. Dip it into your water bucket for a quick rinse and leave it in the sauna for next time. The long handle allows you go do a good job on your back and other hard to reach areas when you're in the sauna alone. When you have a sauna companion you can remove the long handle and use the strap around the brush to scrub each others hard to reach areas. It's the stuff that perfect days are made of.

This long-handled sauna brush is made of a light wood with soft yellow bristles