About Us

      Leisure Concepts has been in business for over 31 years, longer than any other spa dealer in the Madison area. In the time we’ve been open 14 other spa dealers in this market have closed. In most cases these other dealers have opened, sold a few spas, abandoned customers, closed there doors and disappeared.

      We service all spa brands, have a full service department, stock thousands of dollars worth of parts for new and older spas, and have fair in home service and labor prices. After your warranty is up, in the event of a problem, for the do it yourself we are willing and able to sell just a part and give out all the free advice you need to help you save money and make necessary repairs yourself.

      Our products are the best available and all are 100% American made. Many of the expensive so called “name brand” spas are now actually made in foreign countries like Mexico, China, Canada and sold based only on name recognition, not cutting edge design, quality and construction as is the case with Vitaspa.

      We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Our employees are all seasoned professionals that know what to do and have a better knowledge of spas that just about anyone else you may encounter. Our strategy is based on the truth. We explain exactly how our spas are built, why the are built the way they are and why it makes so much sense. Spa manufacturers from all over the US and world are always knocking on our door. They would love for us to sell their line of hot tubs. We can sell any brand of spa we want and the brands we have chosen to sell are in our opinion the best American Made spas you can buy. We have close to 100 years of combined hot tub experience so putting us in charge of the technical details of the hot tub you buy makes you a very smart person.

      Our store is open 7 days a week spring, summer and fall, and 6 days a week in December, January, and February. We offer up to a 20% discount every day on chemicals and supplies and ship right to your home 5 days a week if you can’t make it into our store. We have a toll free 800-809-9111 number for our customers that live outside of the Madison area and our phones are answered by actual knowledgeable humans. We will deliver you new hot tub any day of the week, even Saturdays and Sundays as needed and service up to 60 miles from our store.

      We accept most credit cards but our cash/check spa prices automatically include a discount reflecting what credit card processors take insuring the lowest prices. At the time of delivery we spend the time to makes sure you know exactly how to run the spa, how to take care of the spa, and how to make sure the water in the spa is clean, clear, and healthy. Our system has evolved over many years of personal use and has been tweaked to be the most effective way to take care of a spa in the least amount of time, roughly 5 minutes each week.