Quantum Corner 60" x 60" Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub (LC Premier)

Our Price: $4,699.00
Manufacturer: Leisure Concepts Premier
Manufacturer Part No: Quantum Corner

      The LC Premier Quantum Corner is the perfect tub for those looking for a sleek corner tub with a lot of soaking room.

      The Platinum package is for people that understand it's smart to spend a little extra to get the best for themselves. Platinum includes everything from the Luxury package (as listed above) plus just about every other possible option including almost any color and any of nearly a dozen metal jet and trim finishes. You'll be a better person with regular long powerful soaks in heated turbulent water along with a little chromatherapy for total relaxation.

Features Include:

  • 9 standard colors to choose from at no extra charge
  • Choose one of 11 different metallic trim finishes like gold, oil rubbed bronze, etc.
  • Powerful pre-wired 1 hp jet pump that just plugs into a 110 volt outlet
  • Built in heater keeps your bath nice and hot
  • High density foam insulation for a hot, quiet and efficient experience
  • Color changing underwater Chromatherapy mood lights
  • Rotating whirlpool jets for an amazing massage
  • Built in grab bars (most models, choose your finish)
  • Soft and comfortable waterproof pillow
  • Electronic jet pump controls with built in low water cut off
  • Full venturi air system for a super soft and powerful massage
  • Dual Anti- Vortex safety suction fittings
  • Full draining commercial grade rigid PVC whirlpool plumbing system
  • Matching deluxe cable drive drain kit (no reaching down to open/close the drain)
  • Completely assembled and tested ready to set in place
  • Super strong tub floor with leveling legs (No need to set these tubs in mortar!)
  • Free shipping in our bullet proof packaging right to your home or construction site
  • 100% made in the USA

This model is available in Soaker, Airbath, and Whirlpool versions. What's included:

What makes the LC Premier line so premier? Click here for more details on this high-end collection.

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Quantum Corner Tub Platinum Whirlpool Series
Quantum Corner Tub Platinum Whirlpool SeriesQuantum Specs

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