Hydropool AquaTrainer 17'

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Manufacturer: Hydropool
Manufacturer Part No: AquaTrainer 17

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AquaTrainer Standard Features Include:

  • Equipment package including:
    • Dual speed 4 HP pump, TWO single speed 5 HP high flow swim pump, 5.5KW electric heater, isolation valves and a programmable filtration timer
  • Four Stage Acrylic Polymer & Balsawood Shell
  • Generous swimming area & superior tank design
  • Ergonomic bucket seating
  • Insulated swim spa shell
  • Automatic water purification (ozone) ready
  • Lower side wall suctions
  • High flow surface skimmer with strainer basket
  • Pressure side 75 sq ft high performance filter
  • Silent air control
  • Automatic chemical feeder
  • Galvanized steel support package
  • Aquacord swim tether
  • Underwater LED safety lighting
  • Electronic soft touch controls
  • 10 Year/ 5 year/ 3 year warranty
  • 16 stainless steel versa massage hydrotherapy jets
  • 2 adjustable thigh jets
  • 2 patented Wide Stream Swim Jets with flow control nozzel
  • 1 high flow Core Stream Swim Jet

     The Hydropools AquaTrainer models come in either 14' or 17' models; a difference of available swim space. The AquaTrainer differs from the AquaSport models in that it is designed for more advanced swimmers. The AquaTrainer features TWO giant 5 HP single speed swim pumps that power two massive Wide Stream Swim Jets and a single high flow Core Stream Swim Jet. These jets on full blast are strong enough to give even the most advanced swimmers a serious challenge. The pressure is variable by simply turning a diverter valve, and instantly, pressure is diverted from the swim jets to side stabilizer jets, so the AquaTrainer is friendly for all levels of swimmer!

     After getting your swimming workout, simply hop into one of the relaxing hot tub seats on the other end and ease muscle tension in one of the therapy seats! Two seats means two different clusters of jets that target different muscle groups.

AquaTrainer Upgrades and Optional Features

  • Site assembled frame with Cedar Panels
  • Site assembled frame with Everlast Maintenence Free Panels
  • Two section Bi-Fold hard cover
  • Floating insulating cover
  • Automatic Ozone water purification system
  • Many, many more!